Kousuke Kimura's Cartoon Gallery
Trouble World 2001

come [a snowman in front of the door]

Someone has come at the front door.

heavy [many many bedclothes]

It's so cold tonight that he has a heavy dream.

slide [The pile of book is falling on him.]

The guidebook says, "Be careful not to meet with snowslide in winter mountain."

window [a computer in the warm room]

Everything freezes outside the window.

Something freezes inside the window, too.

time [a snail on the clothes pole]

In rainy season, it needs much time to dry.

tire [The bicycle tube will burst soon.]

He gets tired from pumping the tire.

catch [He is waiting	with a net in front of the pop-up toaster.]

Catch your breakfast!

mountain [He has a huge knapsack on his back, which is like a mountain.]

He is going to the mountain with a mountain.

carrot [hook-shaped carrot]

Some carrots are hard to take in.

tea [two sugar bowls on the table]

Why this tea is so salty?

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